Sunday, February 19, 2012

ladies of late

I can't get this space girl who cries stars out of my head so I had to draw her...!! I think she might be the star of my second year film but we'll see if I change my mind...!

This one's a fanart of an artist I like's character, Parakeet Jones! She was a joy to draw.

Aaand, Monster girls! There's this monster people generator that's been going around on tumblr.... It's really fun when you're in the mood to do a quick character design, I recommend trying it! Here's what I got...
This one was "Thoughtful unicorn girl who wears high fashion and thinks about Leek"

And she's a "bewildered sheep girl who wears tshirt and needs protection"!! fun stuff. guess I'd better get back to work hahah