Sunday, April 1, 2012

more things

Portfolios/films may actually be killing me. I draw cute girls to stay sane.
 This picture actually has a title! It's called "lost". Sums up my feelings lately.
 Just a standing girl... inspired a bit by Earl Oliver Hurst, one of my favorite artists. One of the critiques I got on my portfolio was to avoid drawing people just standing around and being cute and give them a story instead. I don't know why it didn't occur to me before, but it's some really great advice. I'll be keeping it in mind from now on. (Most of these drawings are from before that critique, unfortunately)

 Little forest spirit girl! From this old picture.

After talking to Shane Prigmore I was inspired to look at ancient art to study how people have solved design problems throughout the ages. Here are some designs based on ancient African sculptures.

Here is a background painting from my film! It's the title card/opening shot, which is why it looks weirdly empty in the sky. Hah.

Wowee thanks for looking everybody! Hope you're all doing well.